Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting your video on the front page of Google Search

It can be difficult to get your videos seen if you don't have them embedded into blogs and then get those blog articles on the front page search results for a search engine like Google.

All of the listings in green are pages that I made!

Fortunately there is a tactic that can work quite well. The key is to target keywords that get a lot of searches but don't necessarily have much competition from other web pages.

For example the search term "Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide" receives a few thousand searches per month. By making pages on high PageRank domains that pointed to my article titled, "Ragnarok Online Renewal Leveling Guide" I was able to get my page on the front page search results for those keywords.

Backlinks on forum posts related to the subject of the article can also count toward the SEOing of your page; for example, I made a post on the Warpportal forums (used by the Ragnarok Online game developer ) linking back to my guide. 

I also made a Squidoo page for Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide which exists primarily to get a link back to my site from Squidoo. However I made sure that the link went to my Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide.

Currently my article is receiving around 1,000 hits per month from Google Search. That might not sound impressive on its own but when you do this kind of tactic for every article on your website the views start racking up into hundreds of thousands of hits a month -- and that translates into views to your embedded videos.

And it only took a little bit of effort to make the forum posts and the Squidoo page. A few hours of work is translating into thousands of views.

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